Vision & Values

Our Vision

Building on our unique expertise, we will continue to grow and make a positive contribution to society by delivering quality projects safely and profitably while providing an environment of opportunity for our people. 

Our Core Values


We believe that trust is the most critical factor to our success and is fundamental to our relationships with people both inside and outside the company. 


We consistently conduct business with honesty, which builds strong relationships and contributes to our long term success. 


We treat people in our work environment with respect, both inside and outside the company. 


We are loyal to each other, our families, and the communities in which we live and work. 

Our Team

We trust our people to live up to the McNally values and to work as a team to achieve our vision. 

  • Effective teamwork requires trust, honesty, respect and loyalty. 
  • Together we are stronger, more efficient and creative 
  • We trust our people to share ideas, solve problem and identify opportunities 
  • We respect our people for their contribution to the success of our team. 
  • We have a passions for our business, we deliver a quality product, and we enjoy what we do.