Randle Reef

Location: Hamilton, ON
Owner: PWGSC - Ontario Region
Completion Date: December 16, 2017
Categories: Environmental Remediation
The project scope consists of :
1) Installation of SSP from a floating plant. Approximately 2000 linear meters, with the longest sheet at 30.8m in length.
2) Installation of Double C-Channel waler system. Approximately 1917m.
3) Installation of 211m of W-Section waler.
4) Install tier rod system, 363 tie rods in total.
5) Dredging 28,500m3 of contaminated sediments, 4610m3 of clay, and 1000m3 of second pass dredging.
6) Installation of 4660m2 of geotextile.
7) Placing of backfill material, 4000 tonnes of Granular A, and 180,000 tonnes of Rock Fill.

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